St. Michael’s Church

St. Michael's Church

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    In 1010, Bishop Bernward (993 – 1022) ordered the construction of a church.  He went to build a Benedictine monastery on a hill outside the city walls of the time. Bernward’s crypt and later burial place was consecrated by him in 1015, shortly before his death (1022), as was the church, which was still under construction.

    His successor, Bishop Godéchard, completed the building and blessed the finished church in 1033. After a fire that caused structural changes, the church of St. Michael was reconsecrated by Bishop Adelog in 1186.

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    Over the centuries, St. Michael’s Church has undergone several changes, both structurally and in terms of its furnishings. Some works of art fell victim to the Reformation and the associated iconoclasm. In 1542, the church became Protestant. Despite this, the monks were allowed to continue using the crypt and parts of the north-western transept next to the monastery.

    The double choir, the six towers, and the ornate cross-vaulted crypt are fine examples of historical decorative elements. However, the highlight of St. Michael’s Church is the painted ceiling from the 13th century, which depicts a very abbreviated family tree of Jesus. It is the only flat church ceiling in Germany, and the painting of the ceiling is highly detailed.

    bemalte Kirchendecke

    After secularization, the monastery was dissolved and closed in 1809; only the crypt remained Catholic. The church was temporarily used to store straw and hay.

    A remarkable basilica that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like many other buildings in Hildesheim, the cathedral was severely damaged. After reconstruction, the large, clean, almost empty church stands before the viewer. The photo program of the wooden ceiling is lovely, and it is a pleasure to look in the mirror. A visit to the monastery around the legendary rose bush is particularly recommended in fine weather.

    St. Michael’s Church in Hildesheim, south of Hanover, is one of the oldest cities in northern Germany. Although Hildesheim has just under 100,000 inhabitants, it has more critical historical sites than you would expect from a city of this size.

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