Traditional hospitality

As a true family business, the “Sharp Corner” has never been in someone else’s hands

In the courtyard of the restaurant Theodor Meyer built a stable in which six horses could be kept. In addition to the house, he paved an area for a large coffee garden, which accommodated about 200 people. So he established the “sharp corner” in a short time to a beautiful and very popular excursion restaurant. The people came on foot on the highway from Hildesheim to Itzum or along the Innerste. There, the path led under the three-arch bridge and past the so-called dwarf holes, from which the legend goes that dwarves dug there for valuable mineral resources.

A family business which is run to a high standard. We have many loyal customers who return time after time.

We are confident you will enjoy your stay with us and we look forward to welcoming you.

Soon, the guests even came by water. Especially love couples used the innermost for romantic boat trips and put on rest at the dock built by Theodor Meyer. The excursionists were allowed to bring their own provisions and ground coffee, which was then brewed with hot water. It was also in the restaurant but also sausages, sandwiches with sausage and ham from their own butchery and home-baked cake for the guests ready.

Every generation leaves its mark and contributes to the tradition

Three generations of “Theodor Meyers” headed the “Sharp Corner”, which has always been a popular destination for people from the area. Then the line died and Waltraud Lenz inherited the “sharp corner” of her aunt Lene. She and her husband Heinz continued to expand the restaurant. To this day, she regularly supports her daughter at the bar and is the “mother” of the entire staff. Heinz Lenz continues as a hunter, now with his grandchildren Jonas and Lukas Meyer, for the fresh game. He also ensures as a butcher that always tasty sausage at the slaughter festivals on the plates.

The country inn “Zur scharfen Ecke” is therefore still a true family business. Traditions are cultivated: Einbecker beer has been on the market here since it was founded nearly 150 years ago. Sandra Meyer and her husband Mark, who runs the kitchen, also do something that is no longer self-evident – they train. Both in the kitchen, as well as in the service, the couple busy throughout several trainees.

Every generation has left its mark on the country inn “Zur scharfen Ecke”. Sandra Meyer is expanding the hotel business and has extensively renovated it. Today, guests no longer come by horse or boat, but mostly by car. There is a bus stop right in front of the Landgasthof. In addition, there is a large parking lot, so no one has to travel long distances on foot.

For the guests, the “sharp corner” is still very popular for their hospitality and good food. From a distance, travelers come to appreciate the good service of a small house.

Thus, the country inn “Zur scharfen Ecke” combines the tradition and experience of its long history with the conveniences of a modern business. Until sometime the next generation takes over and leaves its own traces with new accents.
The history of the country inn “Zur Scharfen Ecke” is also in the book “In the early morning to mountains we pull … – Hildesheimer excursion restaurants in the change of time,” Gerstenberg 2010, pages 137 ff. Described, from which some information was taken.