The Cycle Path to Art

The cycle path to art in Hildesheim

Meadow in the background on the right the country inn zur scharfen Ecke and on the left the Marienburg domain in the front you can see a neon yellow bicycle helmet

We look forward to welcoming you to the picturesque district of Hildesheim. A visit to the Cycle Path to Art offers historical sights, a breathtaking natural backdrop, and the opportunity to experience art in its many forms.

The cycle path passes through some of the most beautiful towns in the district, including Bad Salzdetfurth, Lamspringe, and Bad Gandersheim. Your journey along the cycle path will show you that “Art moves” is not just a slogan but a philosophy rooted in this region.

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    Signs on a cycle path

    Start your journey in Hildesheim and make your way to Bad Salzdetfurth. This town has numerous art installations that stimulate the mind and impress the viewer. Please take a moment to admire the details and interpret the stories they tell.

    The route continues to Lamspringe. This small community, surrounded by green forests and rolling hills, is ideal for harmonizing art installations into the landscape. The meaning of the motto “Art moves” becomes apparent here, as many of the artworks are interactive and invite visitors to participate.

    Historic U-shaped building with 2 people standing in the courtyard
    Two stone sculptures on the left of the bike path

    Bad Gandersheim is known for its historic atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. In addition to the impressive Romanesque buildings along the Romanesque Trail, Bad Gandersheim also offers modern art installations that blend in perfectly with the historical surroundings.

    Avenue as a cycle path in autumn
    Triangular metal sign with a die-cut Jesus figure.

    The Water Art Trail is another highlight of the cycle route. This section leads along bubbling streams and tranquil lakes, past works of art that deal with the theme of water. It is a tribute to the life-giving element and shows how water’s movement, purity, and power inspire artists.

    On the left an insect hotel. On the right there are stone pillars as figures that meet in a group

    As you follow the cycle path, you will enjoy the beauty of nature. These beautiful hills, dense forests, and sparkling watercourses in the district of Hildesheim provide the perfect backdrop to take a break from the stresses of everyday life and be inspired by art.

    Whether you are an avid cyclist, art lover, or simply someone who loves the beauty of nature, the Hildesheim Art Cycle Trail offers something for everyone. It combines physical activity, cultural richness, and nature experience.

    Be enchanted by the art of the district of Hildesheim and discover its hidden treasures. It will be a journey you will remember! It is more than just a cycle route; it is a mind, heart, and soul journey.